Technology isn't innovative, people are.


The heart of Housing Academy is our people. We are a dedicated group of creators, technology gurus, and educators. Using our shared passion for quality and our desire to create, we consistently push each other to push the envelope. Founded in 2013, Housing Academy brings together expertise and innovation to bring the highest quality and most accessible training the real estate industry has seen.

Christopher Voss and his team have helped hundreds of companies improve their affordable housing compliance management operations by introducing leading practices, implementing technology solutions, and providing processing and management for compliance functions. Today Mr. Voss works closely with industry partners to identify ways to help owners and operators of affordable housing increase their service offerings and the caliber of their facilities, as well as provide a better quality of life for low and middle-income families.

At Housing Academy, we believe in chasing ideas, and we are unafraid to adapt in order to exceed expectations. We believe that there is no replacement for expertise, which is why our trainers are leading experts in affordable housing. We also know that ever-changing rules, circumstances, budgets, and needs are constant; therefore, each member of our team works to realize our mission to bring flexibility to training in the real estate industry.