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The 5 Inspectable Areas of a Site - As defined by the Uniform Physical Conditions Standards (UPCS)

Aug 30, 2016

When using the Uniform Physical Conditions Standards protocol as applied to REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center), LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit), HOME, and USDA inspections, there are 5 inspectable areas of the site.

First it is important to remember that each inspection represents a property and each property is divided into five inspectable areas:

The Site - HUD defines this inspectable area as “The areas of improved real estate surrounding the building of the property.” However, the Inspection Group has provided a much simpler definition; think of the site as everything that is not part of the building.

Building Exterior- For each building on the property the exterior components will be inspected.

Building Systems- This can sometimes be confusing. Building systems are the major mechanicals that serve either the entire building or multiple areas in the building. This is an important distinction because mechanicals that serve only one unit are not part of this inspectable area.

Common Areas - Frequently, common areas are defined as the public spaces of a building. However, this definition is not entirely inclusive of all of the elements in this inspectable area. Common areas are all areas within a building that are not dedicated to the use of a single resident, including limited access areas.

Units - The fifth inspectable area is units, which are the dwelling units or apartments in the building.

Keep in mind each inspectable area is further divided into inspectable items.

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