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Announcing 2016 Year End Webinars

Nov 08, 2016

In November and December, Housing Academy and our partner The Inspection Group are offering four webinars on timely topics we know are of importance to you.

On November 15th we are offering REAC Strategy- How to Prioritize Your Preparation Efforts. presented by The Inspection Group. Do you feel overwhelmed preparing for your REAC Inspection? Unsure of where to start? Join us for this webinar to help you prioritize your preparation efforts, and maximize your score as a result.

On November 29th Housing Academy presents Affordable Ledgers Demystified: Understanding Affordable Ledgers in Yardi Voyager® 7S.. Making corrections to affordable ledgers can seem daunting. They often turn into a mess of rent charges, HAP or subsidy charges, and reversals or corrections. In this webinar we will review how to read and use the HAP and resident ledgers, how to adjust and post lease charges for retroactive subsidy changes, and the correct process for voucher reconciliation in Yardi Voyager® 7S. Please note that we will need to confirm you are a current Yardi Customer before being able to attend this webinar.

December 6th is Forms and Letters in Yardi Voyager® 7S. presented by Housing Academy. Verifying a household’s information is one of the most time consuming components in day to day management of affordable housing. Forms and procedures must be regularly examined and improved to keep up with the program’s ever-changing rules. Unfortunately, many within our industry have settled for the same duplicative efforts and manual form completion and tracking of third party contacts that has made paperwork so arduous in affordable programs. Join Housing Academy in this webinar exploring the use of the internal letter function of Yardi Voyager® to help create efficiencies within verification processing. Please note that we will need to confirm you are a current Yardi Customer before being able to attend this webinar.

Finally, join us on December 13th for REAC Recap of 2016. presented by The Inspection Group. REAC issued a string of rule changes in the first half of 2016 that will have a significant negative effect on REAC scores. Several important documents have been published since February, with each one generating greater confusion and concern than the one before. Join us to review all of the changes that occurred for REAC Inspections in 2016, and learn what you can do to avoid findings as a result of those changes.