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Common MOR Findings

Aug 17, 2016

MOR’s are returning and for many sites across the country, it has been several years since the last MOR. Is your site guilty of some of the common MOR findings?

Is your site guilty of any of these?

Finding: EIV reports are not being run at the appropriate time, are missing, and are not being used correctly to fully determine a household’s income.
Fix: Create and follow policies and procedures for running EIV reports

Finding: Annual inspections are not conducted to follow site policy
Fix: Many sites perform annual(ish) unit inspections, but don’t necessarily document these in the tenant file. Create a process for consistency and proper storage on your site!

Finding: Income verifications contain blanks that are not clarified
Fix: Frequently audit tenant files to ensure signatures, dates and forms are complete and accurate.

These findings can lead to a loss of points on the MOR, which could possibly impact a site’s ability to receive funding from HUD.

How can you ensure these findings won’t come up on the MOR? Keep the listed fixes in mind as you prepare for the MOR.

Interested in learning more helpful hints and insight into preparing for an MOR? Housing Academy offers MOR Webinars to help you feel prepared.