Security Awareness Requirements of EIV for Users

The Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System

This course covers the security requirements of the EIV system: beginning with an overview of WASS IDs and moving to the role of EIV coordinators and users. We will cover accessing and navigating through the EIV system, and the data safeguarding obligations of EIV users in detail.  

EIV for Users

This Secure System user version is designed specifically for those who have a WASS ID.

Security Awareness Requirements
EIV in Relation to REAC and WASS
Responsibilites of EIV Coordinators and Users
CyberAwareness Challenge Requirements
User Access Authorization Form
Obtaining a WASS ID
Navigating to the EIV System
EIV System Access and Security Obligations
Safegaurding EIV Data and Penalties
Topic Test
Annual Subscription