We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! This course covers the Guest workflow from adding a guest to the compliance workflow to executing the lease. Includes lessons for affordable subsidies including Section 8, Tax Credit, HOME and Rural Development. Subsidy specific lessons are included for the following programs: Market, 50059, Tax Credit, Rural Development and HOME. Guest
P7: Add Guest
P7: Add Guest to an Affordable Waiting List
P7: Complete the 50059 Waiting List Record
P7: Complete the RD Waiting List Record
P7: Complete the Tax Credit Waiting List Record
P7: Edit Waiting List Preferences
P7: Add Guest Contacts
P7: Add Occupants
P7: Cancel a Guest
P7: Select Unit/Program Type
P7: Complete the Compliance Workflow
P7: Edit Family Member Information
P7: Edit Family Member Information (50059)
P7: Edit Family Member Information (RD)
P7: Edit Family Member Information (TC)
P7: Edit Income Information
P7: Edit Asset Information
P7: Edit Expense Information (50059 or RD)
P7: Generate Verification Letters
P7: Recording Verification Response Dates
P7: Add Correspondents
P7: Edit Correspondents
P7: Household Information (Tax Credit)
P7: Household Information (RD)
P7: Household Information (50059)
P7: Select Unit
P7: Validation
P7: Rentable Items Options
P7: Add a Concession
P7: Edit the Application Form
P7: Post Application Charges
P7: Cancel an Applicant
P7: Deny Applicant
P7: Approve an Applicant
P7: Execute a Lease
P7: Guest Topic Test
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