System Administrator
We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! In this course we will cover the system admin functions of Yardi Voyager® System Administration
Add Users/Employees
Edit Users/Employees
Set Permissions
Review Permissions
Set Privileges
Review and Edit Groups
Review and Edit Menus
Apply Prepayments
Apply Credits
Affordable Accounting Exceptions Report
Rebuild GL
Rebuild Commit Payments
Rebuild Tenant Deposits
Reset Datamart
Charge Codes
AR Configuration
AP Configuration
GPR Accounts
Create Afforable GPR JE
Rebuild Occupancy
Populate Unit/Resident History
Affordable Unit History Toolbox
Unlock Voucher
Reverse Unit Transfer
Reverse Individual Tenant Voucher
50059 Voucher Date Tool
Update TRACS and HAP Voucher Date
Edit a Look-up list
Set Default Property
Add Workflows
Edit Workflows
Adding Employee Roles to Property Records
Accounts and Options
WO Accounts and Options
Auto-Attach Workflow
Workflow Restart
Add Asset
Annual Subscription

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