The electronic submission of resident information and vouchers to the Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System (TRACS) has been updated with the release of TRACS 203A. While the new system is not mandatory until six months after its release, this course will prepare you for the new requirements. All of the major changes in TRACS 203A will be discussed, including updates to the compliance process, voucher, certification documentation, and error messages. This course is intended for individuals with a working knowledge of the TRACS submission process and the prior 202D system. By the end of this course, you will be prepared to face all of the updates included in the release of TRACS 203A. Overlying Concepts
Implementation Schedule Introduction
New Field Requirements
TRACS 2.0.3.A Changes
Expanded Race and Ethnicity Categories
Previous Housing Codes
SSN Reporting for Children Under 6
SSNs for Fosters
The Fast Act
Adjustment Types
Repayment Agreements and FSS Escrow Accounting
RAD Conversion
Certification Differences
Earned Income Disregard
Rent Calculations
RAD Conversion Certifications and Rent Phase-in
Miscellaneous Accounting Requests
HOTMA and Future Changes
HOTMA and Future Changes
Annual Subscription