Resolution and Resident Repayment Agreements

Resident Repayment Agreements

With the use of EIV, there has been an increase in the need for Resident Repayment Agreements. This course addresses the following:

  • When a repayment agreement is allowed
  • What elements must be in the agreement

How to report the repayment agreements on HAP vouchers This course will take you through the entire process from the beginning, when the discrepancy is determined, through the end of the repayment agreement when the resident has repaid the full balance. This course also covers how to document the costs and actions taken when entering into repayment agreements in an effort to recover those costs. Attention will be given to what the Owner needs to do to retain the permitted portion of the repayments they collect from the tenants to help defray the cost of pursuing cases.

Procedures for Addressing Discrepancies and Errors
Enforcing and Complying with Program Requirements
Case Study
Tenant Not Paying Rent as Required By HUD
Repayment Agreement Options
Misreported and/or Underreported Income
Case Study
Retention of Administrative Fees
Owner Retention of Administrative Fees
Case Study
Voucher Adjustment
Voucher Adjustment Examples
Topic Test
Topic Test
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