Monthly Posting
We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! This course covers Monthly Posting as it relates to Rent, HAP, Repayment Agreements, Vacancies and TRACS submission. Includes lessons for affordable subsidies including Market, Section 8, Tax Credit, HOME and Rural Development. Monthly Posting
P7: Generate the Monthly Pre-Posting Report
P7: Post Rent and HAP
P7: Update the HAP Month
P7: Add Repayment Agreements
P7: Post Repayment Agreements
P7: Miscellaneous Accounting Requests
Add Special Claim
P7: Unpaid Rent/Damages
P7: Rent-Up Vacancies
P7: Regular Vacancies
P7: Debt Service
P7: Printing the Special Claims Schedule
P7: Posting Special Claims Charges
P7: Create the TRACS Certification Files
P7: Create the TRACS Voucher File
P7: Print the Paper Voucher
P7: iMAX Send/Receive
P7: Process Rent Changes
P7: Process LIHTC/RD Monthly Posting
P7: Monthly Posting Topic Test
Annual Subscription

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