Move In
We customize our Yardi Voyager® courses for your unique programs and permissions. Please contact us to purchase a customized course! This course covers procedures tied to moving a resident in, including printing paperwork, adding date completed and removing a tenant from the Wait List. Subsidy specific lessons are included for the following programs: Market, 50059, Tax Credit, Rural Development and HOME. Move In
P7: Print the 50059, 3560-8 or TIC
P7: Enter sign Dates on the 3560-8
P7: Enter Sign Dates on the 50059
P7: Enter Date Completed
P7: Enter Date Completed (HOME)
P7: Generate Rent and HAP Quick Pre-Posting Report
P7: Remove an Applicant from the Waiting List
P7: Post the Move In (TC, RD, HOME)
P7: Post the Move In (50059)
P7: Cancel a Scheduled Move In
P7: Adjust the Scheduled Move In Date
P7: Assign Rental Assistance
P7: Move In Topic Test
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